General information

What happens if I will receive my order, but I have broken products and / or my order did not arrive complete?

If you received a damaged or incomplete product, JP Fiber Shop will collect the damaged product and send you a new product, as long as it is in stock, otherwise you will be given a coupon for the amount paid for the product to be exchanged for another purchase in a period of less than 30 working days.

What happens if I want a cancellation?

Once the purchase order has been generated and payment confirmed by bank deposit or transfer, no cancellations or request for reimbursement can be made.

Do you have samples of your products that they can get for free?

We currently do not offer any type of product samples.

If I live outside the Dominican Republic, can I place my orders and have them shipped to me?

Of course yes, please contact us at

How long do I have to generate payment before my order is canceled?

The estimated time to make the payment is 72 business hours after the order is placed.

Are they original products?

All JP Fiber Shop products are original, new, first class, and include their original packaging unless expressly specified otherwise.

Is my purchase safe and guaranteed?

If you have just met us, we know that there may be doubts when making the first purchase in an online store. In our case we want you to be calm, first because we started with our store in 2019, since then we have processed hundreds of orders and we have acquired the necessary experience to know what you need, that your purchase is completely satisfactory, and you want to buy your products with us.

How do I get a product or brand that is not found on the web?

Please ask us on social networks: Instagram or Facebook; or write us through the contact form and we will gladly assist you.

Are the coupons valid in physical stores?

No. Coupons can only be applied to purchases made in the online store.